American Birds, the Annual Summary of the Christmas Bird Count

Le Conte's Sparrow in reeds
Greg Lavaty
Le Conte's Sparrow seen on the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge in Texas on the Christmas Bird Count.

The annual summary of the Christmas Bird Count, American Birds, was published through to the 112th edition  and contains the regional summaries for all of the counts conducted, as well as feature articles on a range of topics unique to the CBC. Features include coverage of the history of some long-running CBC circles, shifts in ranges uncovered by the CBC data and the challenges and fun encountered by individuals participating on the Christmas Bird Count.

Online printable copies of American Birds from the 102nd to the 111th summary edition are available, with synopsis editions of the 98th to the 101st also available, and copies of the original Bird Lore publication from editions 1-23, 30, 34 and 38. Bird Lore was the original publication in which CBC data was reported in the early years of the count.