What You Can Do For Birds

Anna's Hummingbird in flight
Alan Vernon

Anna's Hummingbird

It's up to each of us to help shape a healthy future for birds - and for the environment we share with them.  Here are some ways you can make a difference.

Join Audubon

 We need your support to protect birds and their habitat.  And as a member of Audubon, you'll have a chance to take part in all the activities and volunteer opportunities of your local chapter.

Become an Audubon Activist

Lawmakers care about your views and opinions. As a constituent, you have a unique ability to share your concerns about policies and threats affecting birds, wildlife and their habitats. Sign up to become an Audubon Activist and receive alerts on urgent issues.

Become a Citizen Scientist

Understanding bird population trends and threats is the first step toward effective conservation.  For over a century, Audubon Christmas Bird Count  has set the standard for "crowdscience" - and delivered the longest-running wildlife census database in the world. In February, the Great Backyard Bird Count provides a snapshot of bird populations in February.  With Audubon's newest citizen science initiative, Hummingbirds at Home, you can help document migration timing and feeding patterns of your favorite hummingbirds. You can also submit your observations anytime to eBird, a project of Audubon and Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Whether you spot an American Robin on your way to work, or glimpse an American Oystercatcher on the beach, your sightings can play an integral role in furthering Audubon conservation efforts

Support your local Important Bird Area (IBA)

Audubon's Important Bird Areas (IBA) program needs volunteers to help protect 370 acres of critical bird habitat throughout the United States.  From removing invasive species to restoring native grasses to advocating for support, there are many ways to get involved Learn more about the IBA program. Contact your state coordinator.

Find out about other ways to get involved at IBAs, including our calendar of events at IBAs.

Bring Conservation Home

Audubon At Home provides the information, tools and resources you need to create bird-friendly backyard habitat and to make lifestyle choices that help birds