What can I do about problem crows in my yard?

Crows are highly intelligent birds, and often hang out in family groups all year round.  In some areas, they may migrate regionally, and congregate in large winter roosts.  Crows can become a nuisance if they decide to roost in yards or on buildings, or if they descend on a food source like your garden or a bug-infested lawn.  As with all bird nuisance problems, the birds are only doing what comes natural to them for survival; and if they are causing a problem it is usually because we have created an opportunity for them.  If you can figure out what is attracting the birds, it may be possible to eliminate the attractant or make it impossible for them to take advantage of it.  It may turn out, however, that the birds are doing you a favor by drawing your attention to a lawn grub infestation or something else that you need to address. 

If frightening away crows is necessary, there are a variety of commercially available devices that emit predator or crow distress calls and other sounds that serve as alarms to crows and other birds.  This may work for weeks at a time, or may be needed every evening as they come in to roost.  For more information about crows and solving crow problems, visit the crow section of the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management or the Humane Society of the United States websites.