Frequently Asked Questions - How to Use the Online CBC Data Entry System

We have prepared some instructional videos to help you with data entry:

Login to data entry portal knowing your user name and password:

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Working on Bird Checklist Data Entry

Managing your Participant's List

Printable instructions on how to work with the CBC data entry system and complete your data entry are available above. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) installed on your computer to be able to view and print these instructions.

It is still important to keep the names on your participant list accurate for each season, as well as the numbers in the effort section of the online database.  In this way we can make sure that folks' names are properly acknowledged for all the counts on which they participate each season.

While we will no longer be doing a physical mailing of American Birds to participants, it's becoming increasingly important that we have participants' email addresses as well as their names included in the database each season.  This is because we hope to be able to be directly in touch with CBC participants as features and updates are released on the Christmas Bird Count website, or for important announcements about the CBC.  Having the emails for participants will streamline things for Audubon Science as well as for compilers, and will enable us to be in touch with participants in a more timely manner.  You should also now include this same information for all of your feeder watchers.  Their information had not been required prior to the 113th CBC.

If you wish to change/add a compiler of a circle please contact the CBC administrator at We will need to know the following items to set you up in the system:



Email address

Circle to which you need access (name and 4-digit code)

The Data Entry Deadline is: February 28, 2015
The Regional Editing process is: February 1 to April 30, 2015