Yellow-nosed AlbatrossThalassarche chlororhynchos

Yellow-nosed Albatross
Yellow-nosed Albatross
Yellow-nosed Albatross
Yellow-nosed Albatross



29-34" (73.5-86.5 cm). W. 6'4"-6'11" (193-211 cm). A large, black and white seabird with long slim wings and a short, rounded tail. Back, upperwings, and tail blackish; rest of body white (except some individuals have pale gray on head and neck visible at close range); underwing white with narrow, dark trailing edge and broader dark leading edge; dark bill slender and hooked, thin yellow stripe on culmen. Juvenile has black bill, no gray on head.


Generally silent at sea.


Open ocean; rarely seen from shore.


Breeds in southern Atlantic and Indian oceans, ranging west to southern South America and east to New Zealand. Accidental off the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North America.


This and the slightly larger Black-browed Albatross are the only recorded albatross species in the North Atlantic. Because they are long-lived, it is possible that some albatross sightings may actually refer to the same individual for many years in succession. Yellow-nosed Albatrosses feed mainly on squid and fish.


1 white egg, finely spotted with reddish, in a truncated mud cone placed on a cliff ledge, slope, or plateau. Nests are solitary, but some birds also breed in colonies of hundreds of pairs.

Similar Species


Laysan Albatross

32" (81 cm). W. 6'6" (2 m). A large, black and white seabird with very long wings and short tail.


Black-footed Albatross

28-36" (71-91 cm). W. 6'6"-7" (1.9-2.1 m). A large, very long-winged seabird. Mainly blackish brown, with white on face and a dark bill. Amount of white increases as birds age.


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