Virginia's WarblerVermivora virginiae

adult male
Brian E. Small/VIREO
adult female
Rick and Nora Bowers/VIREO
adult male
Dale & Marian Zimmerman/VIREO
adult female
Dale & Marian Zimmerman/VIREO
Virginia's Warbler
Virginia's Warbler



4-4 1/4" (10-11 cm). Male gray above, with yellow breast, rump, and undertail coverts. Throat and belly white. Chestnut crown patch and white eye ring visible at close range. Female is duller.


Song a musical seedle-seedle-seedle, sweet, sweet. Call is a sharp plink.


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Scrub oak and other chaparral, pinyon-juniper brushland, pine and oak woodlands.


Breeds from southeastern California, southern Idaho, and northern Colorado south to Arizona, New Mexico, and western Texas. Winters south of U.S.-Mexico border.


This warbler forages for insects and spiders in scrub oaks near the ground. Though males occasionally use a song post such as the top of a juniper, they also sing while feeding in the middle of the chaparral. Virginia's closely resembles three other warblers: Nashville, Lucy's, and the rare Colima.


3-5 white, finely speckled eggs in a loosely built cup nest on the ground.

Similar Species


Colima Warbler

5" (13 cm). Gray above, with chestnut crown patch and olive-yellow rump. Whitish below, with yellow undertail patch. Narrow eye ring, no wing bars.

adult male

Lucy's Warbler

4" (10 cm). A small, plain warbler with white eye ring. Both sexes gray above, creamy white below, with bright chestnut rump. Chestnut crown feathers usually concealed, except in display.

adult male

Nashville Warbler

4-5" (10-13 cm). Olive green above, bright yellow below, with top and sides of head gray, narrow white eye ring, and inconspicuous patch of rust on crown.


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