Rufous-backed RobinTurdus rufopalliatus

Owen Deutsch/VIREO
Manuel Grosselet/VIREO
Rufous-backed Robin



L 9 3/4"(24cm) WS 16"(41cm). Males have chestnut coverts and back; auburn underparts. Throat is strongly streaked to upper breast. Females are paler than male. Both sexes have dark lores and lack eye rings (unlike American Robin.)


Song a series of rich, burry, warbled phrases, reminiscent of American Robin. Calls include a loud, descending, sibilant sssiiuu, a low tuk note (often in series), and a high, thin, lispy si in fligh


This handsome thrush occasionally turns up as a winter vagrant in the Southwest. It is more retiring than American Robin, keeping to dense foliage of trees and thickets. It feeds on berries but unlike Clay-colored Robin does not frequent feeding stations. Like American Robin, Rufous-backed calls and sings mostly very early in the day, often before dawn.


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