Pine WarblerSetophaga pinus

adult male
Greg Lasley/VIREO
adult female
Richard Crossley/VIREO
juvenile male
Tony Leukering/VIREO
juvenile female
Greg Lasley/VIREO
adult male
Brian E. Small/VIREO
adult female
James M. Wedge/VIREO
Pine Warbler



5 1/2" (14 cm). Unstreaked olive above, with yellow throat and breast; blurry streaking below; white belly; inconspicuous eye stripe; 2 white wing bars. Female and immature similar but duller; often lack yellowish color on breast.


Musical and somewhat melancholy, a soft, sweet version of the trill of the Chipping Sparrow.


fast pulse-rate songs
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alarm chips
flight calls
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Pine forests.


Breeds from southeastern Manitoba, southern Ontario, and Maine south to eastern Texas, Gulf Coast, and Florida. Winters in southern states, occasionally north to New England.


No bird is more aptly named: it nests exclusively in pine trees, spends much of its life there, and only during migration is found in shrubbery or the deciduous growth of parks and gardens. The Pine Warbler is relatively rare and local inland in the North.


4 brown-spotted white eggs in a compact nest well concealed among pine needles near the tip of a horizontal branch, usually higher than 20' (6 m).

Similar Species

adult male, breeding

Bay-breasted Warbler

5 1/2" (14 cm). In breeding plumage, male has chestnut cap, throat, and sides; blackish face; conspicuous pale buff patch on side of neck. Upperparts streaked.

adult male, breeding

Cerulean Warbler

4 1/2" (11 cm). Male has sky-blue head and back; black band across white breast. Female is dull blue-gray above and whitish below, and lacks breast band. Immature similar to female.

adult male, Myrtle, breeding

Yellow-rumped Warbler

5-6" (13-15 cm). Breeding male dull bluish above, streaked with black; breast and flanks blackish. Rump, crown, and small area at sides of breast yellow.

adult male

Prairie Warbler

5" (13 cm). Olive above, bright yellow below, with black spots and streaks along sides; male has chestnut streaks on back. Female and immature have fewer streaks. Bobs its tail vigorously.

adult, breeding, Yellow (Eastern)

Palm Warbler

5 1/2" (14 cm). An olive-drab, streaked, ground-feeding warbler with bright olive rump, bright yellow undertail coverts, and distinctive habit of wagging its tail.

adult male, breeding

Blackpoll Warbler

5 1/2" (14 cm). Breeding male gray streaked above, with black cap, white cheeks and underparts, blackish streaks on sides.


Yellow-throated Vireo

6" (15 cm). Sparrow-sized. Bright yellow throat, breast, and "spectacles"; 2 conspicuous white wing bars, olive green head and back, gray rump, white belly.

adult, Northern

White-eyed Vireo

5" (13 cm). Warbler-sized. Olive green above and white below with yellow flanks; yellow "spectacles;" white wing bars. Adult has white eye; immature has dark eye.


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