Greater Prairie-ChickenTympanuchus cupido

adult male, displaying
Greg Lasley/VIREO
adult female
Richard & Susan Day/VIREO
adult male
Adrian & Jane Binns/VIREO
Greater Prairie-Chicken


16-18" (41-46 cm). A chicken-like bird, heavily barred above and below with grayish brown. Has short black tail. Male has yellow-orange air sacs inflated during courtship display, and long black feathers on sides of neck, erected into "horns" during courtship; horns of female are shorter. See Lesser Prairie-Chicken.


Hollow "booming" call during display; also cackles and clucks.


lek sounds
flight & calls


Undisturbed tall-grass prairie.


Resident locally in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan, and from Manitoba south through Great Plains to Oklahoma; Attwater's found on coastal prairies of Texas.


Where they still survive, Greater Prairie-Chickens perform striking courtship dances on communal display grounds: the males strut about and stamp their feet, with "horns" erect and yellow-orange sacs of skin inflated on the sides of the neck, meanwhile uttering a deep cooing call that may carry a mile. They leap and whirl in the air, and threaten each other by short runs with tail raised, head down, and horns erect.


8-12 olive eggs, finely spotted and blotched with brown, in a well-concealed, grass-lined depression in the ground.

Similar Species

adult male, displaying

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adult male, displaying

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adult male

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