Flame-colored TanagerPiranga bidentata

adult male
Robert A.
adult female
Robert A.
Flame-colored Tanager



7 3/4"(20cm) The well-named Flame-colored Tanager occasionally visits pine-oak forests of southeastern Arizona mountains, where it has nested on rare occasions and has hybridized with Western Tanager. Visitors are of the nominate subspecies, which nests in the mountains of western Mexico. Like other tanagers, Flame-colored tends to stay concealed in the foliage of larger trees while foraging or singing.


Song similar to Western Tanager but burrier and more hesitant. Common call similar to Western, a low prrrlek.


Humid coniferous, oak, and pine-oak forests in mountains.


Resident in mountainous regions of Mexico south through Central America to western Panama. In US, rarely visits mountains of southwest Texas and southeastern Arizona.


In recent years a fairly regular summer visitor to southeast Arizona, where it has occasionally hybridized with Western Tanager.


Cup nest placed on tree branch 15-50 ft high; 2-5 greenish-blue eggs with darker speckles.

Similar Species

adult male

Hepatic Tanager

7-8" (18-20 cm). Male is a subdued orange-brick color, darker than Summer Tanager. Both sexes have dark bill and ear patch.

adult male, breeding

Western Tanager

6-7 1/2" (15-19 cm). Adult male has brilliant red head, bright yellow body, with black back, wings, and tail. 2 wing bars; smaller uppermost bar yellow, lower one white.


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