Parrots and Allies

Parrots and parakeets (and macaws) are members of the family Psittacidae, which includes about 360 species worldwide.

While psittacids vary in body shape-from the slender, long-tailed parakeets to the stout-bodied, short-tailed parrots.

Melopsittacus undulatus
7" (18 cm). Typical adult barred above with black and yellow; rump and underparts green (occasionally blue). Tail long, pointed, and green.
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adult male and female
Myiopsitta monachus
11" (28 cm). Bright green above and pale gray below, with scalloping on throat; dark blue primaries; long and pointed tail.
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Brotogeris versicolurus
9" (23 cm). A small, stocky green parakeet with pointed tail and flash of yellow and white in wing.
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