American Birds 2008-2009, Summary of the 109th Christmas Bird Count

American Birds 109 Cover Shot
Noah Strycker

Though penguins have been tallied on Christmas Bird Counts in or near southern South America over the past few seasons, they have been of species that breed on the mainland, not birds restricted to the ice of the Antarctic continent. During the 109th CBC Adelie Penguins (Pygoscelus adeliae) were tallied for the first time (in the hundreds of thousands!), their inclusion a result of the brand new count, the first ever in Antarctica, at Cape Crozier. Photo/Noah Strycker.

Inclement weather once again played a major factor during the official count period, shaping the overall results of the 109th CBC season. Despite those challenges, and in part due to a continuing CBC presence in Latin America, another record high number of counts was included--2124. And for the first time, a CBC was conducted in Antarctica, adding birds of a new continent to the cumulative database. In addition to overall and regional CBC summaries, feature articles in this season's American Birds include: the documentation of range-shifting of birds across North America and likely effects of climate change; the amazing 400-count (and climbing!) record of an incredibly dedicated compiler and participant (Paul W. Sykes, Jr.); the history of the CBC in New York City's Central Park; a feature on the first count in Antarctica; and 100 years of Christmas Bird Counts in London, Ontario.

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Pages 107-128 contain these items:
Christmas Bird Count Editorial Codes and Database Flags
Count Circles, Codes, and Compilers on the 109th Count
Summary of Highest Counts of Individuals for Canada, by Richard J. Cannings
Summary of Highest Counts of Individuals for the United States, by Brent Ortego

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