American Birds 2006-2007, Summary of the 107th Christmas Bird Count

American Birds 107 Cover Shot
Roy Halpin
The holiday season brings presents in many ways, and such gifts are usually wrapped in bright colors. Christmas Bird Count observers on the Econlockhatchee, Florida, CBC ended the year with a spectacular day for their count and turned up many exciting finds. But none was more stunning than this Vermillion Flycatcher (Pyrocephalus rubinus), not only a holiday treat for participants but the first of this species ever found on the count since its inception in the 84th CBC. Photo/Roy Halpin

The 107th CBC surpassed last season's record high level of participation, reaching an all-time high number of observers even as storms battered the central portions of the continent. Read the summaries in American Birds, learn what's on the 2007 WatchList of birds at risk, read Scott Weidensaul's take on how the CBC will help us learn about global warming, peruse the Pictorial Highlights, and find feature articles on thorny dove identification questions, CBCs in Ohio's Amish country, and the rewards and excitement of a real rarity showing up on a new CBC.

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Pages 107-128 contain these items:

Christmas Bird Count Editorial Codes and Database Flags

Count Circles, Codes, and Compilers on the 107th Count  

Summary of Highest Counts of Individuals for Canada, by Richard J. Cannings
Summary of Highest Counts of Individuals for the United States, by Brent Ortego

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