American Birds 2001-2002, Summary of the 102nd Christmas Bird Count

American Birds 102 Cover Shot
Phil Jeffrey
Hummingbirds have become a real phenomenon on Christmas Bird Counts, both in their “expected” area of abundance along the Gulf Coast and in southern areas, and increasingly on far-flung CBCs to the north. This Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus), an immature male, was attracted not by feeders but by late-blooming flowers, and spent the fall at Lenoir Preserve in Yonkers, New York, to be counted on the Bronx-Westchester, New York, CBC. Photo/Phil Jeffrey

The 102nd Christmas Bird Count was a resounding success--a record number of Counts were conducted, and another new record was set for number of participants. From the arctic of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and two counts in Nunavut, Canada to the oceans south of Tierra del Fuego, CBC participants prowled the Western Hemisphere in search of avian delights, counting every bird uncovered on the way.


Contents of American Birds: Summary of the 102nd CBC

Section one contains the following articles:The 102nd Christmas Bird Count, Christmas Bird Count Canada: 2001-2002, Using Christmas Bird Count Data in Analysis of Population Change, Long-term Trends of Raptors on CBCs in the Midwest, Yellowstone National Park: A Look at an Individual Count Circle, The Use of Christmas Bird Count Data to Monitor Populations of Exotic Birds, Watchlist Species as Viewed Through the Christmas Bird Count Database, Alphabetical Index to Regional Summaries.

Section two contains the following articles: Regional Summaries of the 102nd Christmas Bird Count, Count Circles, Codes, and Compilers in the 102nd Count, Summary of Highest Counts of Individuals for Canada, Summary of Highest Counts of Individuals for the United States.